Here is one of the most powerful Lemon diet for weight loss to lose 20 pounds in just 2 weeks that you can start making at home today if you want to lose weight quickly!

Lemon Diet For Weight Loss: Lose 20 Pounds In Just 2 Weeks

For the following diety to be successful, you will need to drink enough water throughout the day. Preferably 8-10 glasses will be enough to help remove fat and toxins from your body.

Benefits Of Lemon

Lemons are filled with powerful antioxidants and citric acids, both of which are known to speed up the metabolism and promote weight loss. Drinking lemon water on an empty stomach will help detoxify your body. Increase your energy levels, remove cellulite and increase fat burn.

The following lemon diet for weight loss to lose 20 pounds in just 2 weeks is very simple to follow:

Day 1: 1 lemon+ 1 glass of water,

day 2: 1 1/2 lemon + 2 glasses of water for the rest of the 2 weeks. Make sure that you consume this drink 2 hours before breakfast, 30 minutes before lunch, 30 minutes before dinner and 1 last time before bedtime for best results.


  • Lemon
  • Water


Squeeze the fresh lemon juice into a glass of water and mix well. Drink on an empty stomach early in the morning preferable 1 hour before breakfast. Repeat this remedy for the 2nd week along with a 1200 calorie diet and exercise for optimal results.

Note: If you are allergic to lemons or have health problems, please consult with your doctor before starting this weight loss remedy.


There you go! You now know how to make your very own lemon diet to help you lose up to 20 pounds in 2 weeks! Are you going to try it? Let us know in the comment section below.